Thursday, February 11, 2010

Literary Writers Know How to Write! Sort of.

It seems a given in a genre that concentrates on the quality of the language.

The problem is, my job as a slush editor entails weeding out not only the poorly-written stories, but weeding out the really beautifully written stories that aren't stories.

We publish stories at Flash Fiction Online. Complete stories that contain ALL of the following elements:

*Well-rounded, fully-fleshed characters,
*A clear conflict,
*A logical progression of events as the main character engages the conflict,
*A clear-cut resolution that has the main character resolving the conflict in some way or other.

Unfortunately, writers who really know how to manipulate the language often struggle with presenting and resolving a conflict, while writers who write stories about conflict and resolutions often struggle with manipulating the language in a beautiful and absorbing way.

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