Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ask an Editor

Go ahead. Ask me. Ask me anything. Of course I'll only answer if I know the answer. I mean, if you ask me the flight speed of an African Swallow whilst carrying a coconut it's fairly likely you'll be ignored. And if you ask me about the nuts and bolts of the book publishing process, I may or may not know the answer. But if you ask me something about running an online magazine or about the slush process involved with that, or about writing, THOSE I can answer.

Just post a comment with your question and I'll answer in a post.


Charity Bradford said...

How much weight does a recommendation from a well known author help a beginning writer in the query process?

Just wondering,

Anonymous said...

I'm a very newbie writer, so this might be a silly question. I was wondering how a writer knows when their piece is ready for submission? How do you decide when your own pieces are ready to be sent out? Is it best to use a writer's group or objective friend? It's sometimes hard to know when I'm done editing. Thanks in advance for your response. I enjoy reading this blog and have learned a lot from it!

Margie said...

Hi Suzanne!

Do I need to include a brief bio in my cover letter when submitting a story?

Thanks for your help!

Bonnie Fernandes said...

Hi Suzanne,

How do you become a slushpile editor?



Stella said...

My biggest writing weakness is conflict: I don't have enough of it. Could you give some examples of well-crafted conflict in novels or short stories? I'm not so worried about the obvious, good-versus-evil conflicts (Gandalf v Sauron, Nurse Ratched v Randle McMurphy); it's the ordinary conflict between friends that I'm looking for, and the action that stems from it.
A friend came up with a great example with Scully and Mulder, the two X-Files protagonists who disagreed ALL THE TIME.

RaenaEnchant said...

As I am new to Flash Fiction, I have a question. Currently I am working on projects that have a much larger scale, but became interested in flash fiction because I want to get my name out there before I am able to publish a bigger piece of literature. So my question is can flash fiction be individual stories in a series, using the same characters and setting? On the Submissions page on Flash Fiction Online, it says not to submit anything that are scenes from a larger project. The idea I have for my flash fiction pieces are not from my previous projects, but I wanted something that could eventually be compiled into a larger piece. How can I work this without getting a rejection letter?

jfgmu2009 said...

Glad to have found this blog, I guess unnamed characters only work for Ralph Ellison.

I was curious how one becomes a manuscript reader. What information can you give me.

Suzanne Vincent said...

Dear jfgmu2009:

I've answered that question before, but it's worth reiterating: