Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Ask the Editor: Researching Markets

Anonymous asked:

"Could you recommend any reputable short flash fiction sites that are more apt to publish an intelligently written story with a fair amount of cursing, particularly the f word? I am new to writing and don't know how to research this."

Interesting question.

Do I know the answer?  

I do not.  

However, I know what I would do.

I would do a great deal of market research using whatever resources were available to me.

Some of those resources are:


Writer's Market

I would also consider joining an online writers' critique workshop to network potential markets, such as:



Critique Circle

And I would ALWAYS make sure I know enough about each potential market that I would know what style of writing they tolerate.

When it comes down to it, with your singular problem, you may need to spend time looking at dozens of individual markets, combing their websites for any guidelines which might indicate their tolerance (or lack thereof) for 'potty-mouthed' stories.

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Thank you very much.