Saturday, January 23, 2010

Taking Criticism Like a Grown-up

On occasion, some snarked-off writer has a snit over some bit of criticism or feedback they've received--from me or someone else, it doesn't matter.

That ticks me off.

Generally it means the writer has a far too lofty view of herself.

Sometimes--it's true--snarkiness is called for. But a mature writer will never throw a snit over it and will never give feedback on feedback.

The MATURE writer reads the feedback, agrees with it or not, and keeps her mouth shut except to say "Thank you."

'Thank you' for using your valuable time reading my story.

'Thank you' for taking time away from your family or your own writing to send me your reaction to it.

'Thank you' for burning your retinas staring at a computer screen all freaking day long for my sake.

'Thank you,' despite the fact that I'm so self-important that I can't BELIEVE anyone wouldn't LOVE my story.

'Thank you' for showing me where my story may have weaknesses in reader understanding or characterization.

'Thank you' for even giving feedback on rejected stories, which is SUCH a rarity in the industry these days.

Thank you to writers like this who are one reason so few markets give feedback anymore.

Grow up.

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